How to Get the Most Out of Your Kayacat

KAYACAT is a lightweight and portable watercraft designed so you can enter the water without any extra assistance. It is for the adventurers who want to explore the most beautiful and exclusive parts of nature while using a reliable and easily-transportable water vessel. KAYACAT can be used for a range of water-based activities, including kayaking, paddleboarding and sailing.

In our blog, we will advise on the benefits of each design and provide tips on how you can get the most out of your KAYACAT for years to come.

What can Each KAYACAT Model Achieve?

The KAYACAT design is devised explicitly for solo use and had been engineered for this purpose. There are currently two KAYACAT models, the Puma and the Cougar. Both are made for the same objective but slightly differ in what activities they can provide the user.



The KAYACAT PUMA is the basic design of our KAYACAT models.

The KAYACAT PUMA allows the user to both paddle and SUP and comes complete with the following:

• Paddle
• Leash
• PUMA frame
• Core float
• Pump

Both the craft and accessories can be packed into its nifty backpack, which weighs just more than 6kg. The most portable aspect of the PUMA is its 65cm x 40cm x 20cm backpack which counts as hand luggage in a majority of airline regulations.

KAYACAT COUGAR in blue with sail


The KAYACAT COUGAR offers slightly more than the KAYACAT PUMA because not only can you paddle and SUP, the KAYACAT COUGAR also incorporates sailing into its design. So, if you know that you want to include sailing in the ability of your KAYACAT, the COUGAR is your choice.

The KAYACAT COUGAR includes all the accessories needed to complete these three things, so it comes complete with:

• Sail mast
• Paddle
• Leash
• COUGAR frame
• Core float
• Pump

All can be packed into its backpack, which weighs slightly below 14kg.

Birds-eye view of a beach

How to Use the KAYACAT

If you love to kayak, sail, paddleboard, fish, observe nature, trek or adventure, then the KAYACAT will provide you with endless opportunities to succeed, meaning there is no limit on what you can achieve.

Why is KAYACAT More Advanced Than Other Inflatable Watercrafts?

KAYACAT is not only more versatile in comparison to other inflatable water vessels, but it’s also more durable and lighter.

Most other inflatables use PVC as the base material of their structure. PVC can be cumbersome, which not only affects the performance of the craft but is less suited to transportation. Furthermore, PVC tends to stretch, which hinders the years of usage it offers.

However, our KAYACAT models are created with our unique triple-layer laminate system. It is superior in providing an astonishing level of strength to the watercraft, making it a much more reliable option for those who want to explore the most limited parts of the world.

Our unique triple-layer laminate system is also much more considerate of the environment in comparison to PVC.


Where can KAYACAT Be Used?

There is little limit on where your KAYACAT can go because it has been designed with adjustable width using the ‘Wide and Narrow’ system. This means you can use the KAYACAT in the ocean, on lakes, in canals and rivers of all shapes and sizes.

The ‘Wide and Narrow’ system allows the user to set up the KAYACAT without the seat extension pieces, which reduces the distance between the two main hulls.

A view of a plane wing from a plane window

Transporting Your KAYACAT

As mentioned, both versions of the current KAYACAT models are extremely transportable in their weight. Furthermore, the backpack allows all accessories to be packed neatly in one bag which enables the KAYACT to take up little room in vehicles and is acceptable as hand luggage on aircrafts. It’s lightweight nature also means it can be physically carried when walking or cycling with ease.

Overall, KAYACAT offers an abundance of water activities, its advanced lightweight technology makes it easily transportable and it provides years of reliability. The KAYACAT is a dependable accomplice for those who solo travel, and you will not want to leave for your next adventure without it.

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