An Intro to the KAYACAT COUGAR

The KAYACAT Cougar is as diverse as watercraft come. The COUGAR model offers not one, nor two but three different forms of water activity, making it one of the most versatile investments in water-based sport.


The KAYACAT COUGAR offers an adventurer a whole host of activities. If you like to kayak, you can paddle it. If you enjoy paddleboarding, you can SUP it. If the conditions permit, it can be used for sailing! There is much scope and opportunity with the KAYACAT COUGAR, making it one of the best accomplices to have with you on an exploration.

Extremely Adaptable

Providing you have taken all the equipment with you, you can change your activity when you like, even mid-journey. Tired of sailing and want to take a leisurely paddle back to shore? No problem, unwind the mast and grab your paddle and transfer the COUGAR from sail to SUP quickly.

Its sleek design means obstructions to your adventure are few and far between making it very accommodating when adventuring in the water. Instead of the explorer having to be mindful of what the watercraft can achieve, the COUGAR adapts and works alongside you.

Red KAYACAT COUGAR with sail up

How Does the KAYACAT COUGAR Work?

The COUGAR can be assembled according to the activity you would like to complete. Below we look at how the COUGAR can adapt to each activity.


Simply install the seat and use the four-piece paddle as you would to paddle a kayak. Choose a narrow or wide mode for the width; it is entirely up to you!

The double float design allows the COUGAR to glide through the water when paddling, creating much traction when in the water. The cutting motion of the double floats offers much control and turns sharply.


Adjust the seat to your perfect SUP position, and locate your feet to the grippy footpads for extra stability. Then adjust the four-piece paddle to create a SUP paddle, and you are ready to go.


With a simple set up, the sail has no boom or rigging wires, yet with its flex and forgiving design, it can still perform and sail upwind. To control the watercraft, you furl the mast as much or as little as you need to.

Birds-eye view of pink KAYACAT COUGAR

Narrow and Wide Mode

Depending on location and activity, you can adjust the COUGAR between wide and narrow mode.

For a more compressed version of the COUGAR, the cross struts must be zipped up. The seat extension pieces are not used when the seat frame is put together.

However, to create a more full-frame, the cross struts must be unzipped, which widens the two main hulls. To complete the set-up, the two-seat extension pieces are also used.

What Is Included?

Below we discuss how the COUGAR accommodates each water activity more in-depth. First, let’s take a look at what you get with the KAYACAT COUGAR package:

  • COUGAR frame
  • Leash
  • Core float
  • Hand Pump
  • Paddle (four pieces in total)
  • Sail mast
  • Expandable seat
  • Rudder
  • Sail and rudder frame fittings
  • Widening inflatable cross struts

Keen to hit the water, the COUGAR is easy and straightforward to assemble with the set-up time taking around 15 minutes. Pack away time is even faster at 5 minutes, meaning you are never wasting precious adventure time.

A road near the coastline

The Adventure Continues Out of the Water

One of the most accommodating aspects of the COUGAR is the freedom that comes with it. Want to complete a continuous journey by land and sea, without going back to where you started from? The COUGAR does not limit you to water travel because once you hit dry ground, you can pack the COUGAR in its handy and light backpack, and continue your journey by foot.

What Size is the KAYACAT COUGAR?

Let’s talk numbers and get to the nitty gritty of the size of the KAYACAT COUGAR. You will be pleased to know, at four meters in length and 116cm in width, it does not take up much space.

Its uniqueness comes from its sleek design which is adaptable through some of the narrowest environments. Designed to support one person, and one person only, it is this aspect which gives the COUGAR the flexibility to change the purpose and switch up activities easily.

An aeroplane window looking at clouds

Backpack Size

Not only is it transportive in the water, but it also packs neatly into a 65cm x 50cm x 30cm backpack, weighing at 15kg. The COUGAR is an easy travel buddy when on the move and takes up little to no room when stored at home or transported in vehicles and aeroplanes.


There are many advantages when choosing KAYACAT COUGAR. Firstly, if you know you want to sail straight off, this is the KAYACAT for you.

Other benefits include:

  • The reliability and peace of mind of a two-year warranty.
  • The opportunity to try before you buy at one of our test centres.
  • An environmentally conscious design where no PVC is used. Instead, our KAYACATs are created with a triple laminated PU for the two internal bladders.
  • All the materials used are durable and reliable, meaning you can always count on the quality of your KAYACAT. The frame is produced from aluminium, the mast is carbon and the sail is Dacron. All are lightweight yet robust materials that you can depend on.

Ready to enhance your time in the water with the KAYACAT COUGAR? Why not contact us today and discover more?