Kayacat ... the kayak, SUP and sailing craft that fits in a backpack

Versatile travel modes

  • Kayak

  • Sail

  • Paddle Board

  • Inboard motor (coming soon)

  • Carry a foldable bike on board

  • Even sleep on it

Find your inner spirit of adventure.

Experience the thrill of gliding across the water, propelled by nature's forces, which generates a rush of adrenaline unmatched in many other activities.

Sailing or paddling, Kayacat offers a unique sense of freedom and exhilaration that you will love.

Easily switch from one mode to another in seconds.

3 amazing water craft in one

Kayak Mode

SUP mode

Sail mode

Motor - coming soon

The ultimate lightweight watercraft

For touring, exploring & family fun.

Fits in the boot of a car, can be stored on a boat. Great for get up and go!



The Puma is just just over 6kg and the Cougar (sailing model) 13kg.



3 layers of strong but lightweight material make the kayacat durable.


Fits in a backpack

Imagine taking a boat on a plane as hand luggage. Now you can.


No need for a roof rack

Transportable in its backpack or even strapped to the car roof.


Get on the water fast

Amazingly fast to inflate and get going and to pack away too.


Carry kit onboard

Attach the mesh platform as a carrying rack or strap kit on board.

Want to know more about Kayacat?

Over 3,000 sold in 13 Countries

Some of our avid fans out and about & on the water...

Images posted by Kayacat owners on the Kayacat Owners Facebook Group.

Who are we?

In 2023 Kayacat has re-launched with a (partially) new team.

Kate runs the day to day operations to bring Kayacat back to market, post pandemic. Since buying a Kayacat is 2021, she has been hooked and is now delighted to be onboard.


MD Kayacat Limited

The brains behind the Kayacat watercraft product range, the brand and all the design work. Derek founded Kayacat in 2016 and continues to lead design and new innovation.


Founder & Designer

What's new in 2023?

2023 brings the relaunch of Kayacat post-pandemic.

New Management

Kate Davies

Kayacat Limited, MD

After buying a Kayacat Puma in 2021, Kate was hooked and is now delighted to be responsible for the relaunch, post pandemic.

Working with some of the original team, Kate is taking care of Kayacat's day to day operations.

Take to the water - anytime!

That's the beauty of owning a Kayacat. It is so easy to just decide to get out on the water any time you like.

The Puma

With the Puma, you can get on the water fast. The catamaran design makes the craft incredibly stable and perfect for exploring on rivers, canals and around the coast. Great for taking kids out too.

The Cougar

The Cougar has some extra frame parts, plus a mast and sail. Then cleverly utilising the paddle parts, you can rig up a sailing craft in a matter of minutes. When the wind drops. simply drop the sail, attach the mast to your floats, reconnect your paddle pieces and paddle on.

In Design

The focus for 2023 is to get the Puma and the Cougar back in to production, but rest assured, exciting new models are on the drawing board for 2024. Design, prototyping and rigorous testing will be underway soon.

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